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Why Pass Accounting Class?

Let’s face it, accounting isn’t an easy subject and can be a struggle to learn.  It's easy to get stressed out wondering if you've studied enough or studied the right material.  And there's lots of material to learn!

Once you fall behind, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, lost, or confused; and unfortunately, it’s hard to catch up.

A lot of college classes are only a couple months long and the information is crammed into short classes.  This puts a lot of pressure on you to learn the difficult content, quickly.  But that’s where Pass Accounting Class comes in. I’ll show you what to study, how to study, answer your questions, and guide you the entire time.

Now, this opportunity isn’t for everyone; it’s for college students in their first year of accounting classes.  Most colleges refer to this class as Principles of AccountingCollege Accounting, or Financial Accounting.  Basically, it is foundation/fundamental information about accounting.  And these classes usually start with definitions related to accounting principles, and then they move to Financial Statements, Debits & Credits, Normal Balances, Journal Entries, T-Accounts, etc.  This is exactly what we cover here at Pass Accounting Class.

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Who am I? How Can I help You?

I’m Scott Meister.  I’m a CPA, have a master’s degree in accounting, and I’m offering to show you what to study, how to study, answer your questions, and guide you to passing your accounting class.

I'm an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks, Udemy instructor, author, and I have my own consulting business helping companies use QuickBooks.

Accounting Tutor Scott Meister, CPA

Pass Accounting Class
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My goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to take you from confused to confident.