Accounting Homework Tips

The key to managing your homework… and not letting one class consume all your study time…is to have a strategy that will help you master new skills and complete assignments quickly and efficiently. Accounting is different than most subjects in school and it’s completely normal to need accounting homework help.  Often times I tell my students that accounting is similar to a foreign language in that you have to learn a different set of concepts in order to properly communicate.  These accounting homework tips are designed to help you learn the accounting concepts quickly.  When properly implemented, these homework tips can help you spend less time on your homework AND improve your grade!

Most of the time when a student needs homework help, it’s not even about the content, it’s more about their studying strategy.  A good studying strategy should also result in better preparation for tests, exams, and quizzes. Following these tips will ensure the time you spend on your accounting homework is productive and stress-free.

Accounting Homework

9 Homework Tips to Help You Easily Pass Accounting Class

Distraction-Free Homework Zone

A study by UC Irvine found that, on average, it will take you an additional 23 minutes and 15 for each interruption, and you will feel more stressed and frustrated and have to exert more energy to complete the assignment. So do yourself a favor and find a place where you can work without distractions.

Use Index Cards to Keep Important Information Handy

Put accounting terms with their definitions, key concepts, and equations or formulas on index cards so you’ll have all the information you need when you sit down to do your homework.

Read Each Question Thoroughly

Accounting questions can be long and have a lot of overwhelming details at first glance. You might find it helpful to underline or circle the key pieces of information that might be needed in the accounting formulas you will use to solve the problem. Also be sure you understand what you need to do or what you need to solve for.

Break It Down Into Manageable Pieces

Write down the steps you think you’ll need to take to solve the problem. This way you’ll be able to focus on one step at a time, which will feel less overwhelming.

Start With The Parts That Seem Easiest For You

Starting with what comes easiest first will build your confidence and help you gain momentum so you complete the problem faster.

Write Down Your Work

Showing the steps you take and the answers you get at every step will make it easy for you to double check your answers and quickly figure out where you went wrong if you get the wrong answer.

Take A Break If You Need To

If you’re losing your focus or finding it hard to think, take a short break. Eat a nutritious snack, grab a glass of water, take a walk or do some stretches, and come back to your homework with fresh eyes. This is the best homework cheat on the list and helped me pass all my accounting classes and even the CPA exam.  I know it seems so simple, but it's so helpful to take a break and come back with a fresh set of eyes.

Start Early

A common mistake I see is that students don't allow enough time to do their homework. This is either due to procrastination or a misunderstanding of the time commitment. Accounting classes start with easy homework questions and then ramp up to more difficult/time-consuming homework questions. For example, ten questions in week one may only take you an hour to complete, but ten questions in week six may take you three hours. So, make sure you allow enough time to complete the homework.

Ask For Help If You Get Stuck

Most of the time, it’s something simple that gets overlooked, or a subtle distinction that’s easy for someone with more experience to spot, that prevents students from getting the right answer. Instead of wasting time searching for answers on your own and getting frustrated, ask for help from a trusted expert .